April 13, 2012

Girl Scout Frame Project

This insides for the floating picture frame.

My husband showing off his fancy leopard band-aide.  The only casualty from doing the frames.

The Daisies

The rest of the Girl Scout group

Hi Stamping Friends.  Today was a crazy day.  There were 55 Girl Scouts that got together to make picture frames for Mother's Day gifts.  We had ONE HOUR to complete all 55.  We were done in 45 minutes.  I couldn't believe it!  I knew I was organized, and I guess better than I thought.

All of the squares were cut out, along with all the pieces.  There was no stamping, just a few little additions with markers (bird's eye, lady bug antenna, etc.).  They were 8 x 10 floating picture frames, with a 4 x 6 insert.  What fun.

If you are in the Milwaukee-Metro and would like to schedule a similar event, feel free to email me.