August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Human

This is a really cool card we made at our upline meeting. There are so many neat features on this card...first I love the silver embossing on the front. Instead of using aluminum foil, we used the aluminum tape that is used for heat ducts. You can find it at any hardware store in their heating section. If you do buy a roll (about $8 per roll for 1-1/2 wide), make sure you don't buy the roll with writing on it. It is not a layer of plastic, it's actually printed on the roll (yep, I made that mistake).

The next neat feature is the way it opens up. The back layer, along with another layer, pull up at the same time. This is not a card for a beginner, but for the person who loves a challenge, this is the card for you.

The recipe is black, basic gray, whisper white and ruby red. The stamp set is from Lots of Bots (#115293 pg 82). This set is also in the "growing up" section in the catalog. For every $35 you order from this section, you get a set of buttons FREE.

To place an order click here or email me.

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